Tender Market


Trading platform

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·  Meeting place for supply and demand

·  Real time trading information

·  Open to the public with full transparency


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The platform provides current information on the trading in fresh agricultural produce to the buyers and sellers.

The pricing are fully transparent to all users, the trading price is the price per KG or unit.

The trade includes full details of all costs, including: logistics, transportation, trading commission, utilization fees (if any), insurance and clearing costs.

At the end of the trade, each user receives full information on the content, the payment and grading of the produce.

Financing and Clearing TENDER PAY

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The platform allows direct trading between seller and buyer, including the finality of the payment upon concluding the transaction. Tender is collaborating with MAX, so that all payments can be processed through the system for all buying and selling transactions. In addition, MAX will provide to the platform users (at its own discretion) credit frames and transaction financing options.