Who we are

Tender is a trading platform for fresh agricultural produce traded between a seller and a buyer, aimed at creating transparency, fairness and implement planning and logistic optimization in the process.

The trade platform allows for a variety of transactions, including – trade in continuous trading, direct trading and future trading.

The buyer's activity in Tender is conditioned by an approved credit frame from MAX.



An agriculture trading platform that allows sellers and buyers to meet, the information flowing in the system will allow fair trade between all players on the platform, providing solutions in all areas relevant to trade in its broader aspect, including financing, agricultural resources, insurance etc. This way the platform will allow efficiency throughout the entire supply chain and cost saving to all its users.


Building trust and a unified language – the agriculturist receives fair market price for his quality agriculture produce, the buyer receives the quality goods committed to by the agriculturist, in the quantity and time set, without the need for intermediaries.  

Tender serves as an objective factor, monitoring and ensuring the quality of the produce sold on the platform.


The activity will allow to present a projection to the buyers and sellers, based on analyzing the platform trading data, alongside consolidation of data from various sources, with the purpose to predict trends and present coping tools for the platform users.

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