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Tender Market

A trading platform for fresh agricultural produce traded between seller and buyer

The trade is done anonymously, the seller offers his produces and sets the price, the buyer creates an order including product basket and a system algorithm connecting between the offer and the order.

The trading platform enables sellers to be exposed to a wide variety of buyers, small and big, irrespective of the amount being sold and the related logistic costs.

The platform is backed by a fully logistic solution, from seller to buyer. The buyers must hold an approved credit frame through MAX, so the payments are secured.

The platform is open to the public, with full transparency and real-time prices.

Tender PAY

Tender with MAX is here!

The safe way to pay in Agriculture

Digital wallet

  • Transaction finality

  • Direct pay

  • Safe for use

  • In cooperation with MAX

Tender Logistics

Activity of Tender licensed logistic centers:

  • Receipt of produce to Merlog

  • Weighing and control quality check

  • Compilation

  • Full tracking ability through the entire production and supply chain


Open simulator


Transportation and distribution service of agricultural produce from the seller to logistic center (Merlog) and from logistic center to the institutional / retail client.

The service eliminates the dependency on intermediaries and enables additional players to enter the system, optimizing transportation, increasing availability and, as a result, lowering fees for all users.


Eliminating intermediaries' dependency and entering additional players to the transportation array

For transporters – additional income opportunity, without the additional marketing costs

For companies with truck fleets: expanding usage time of the trucks and optimization of transportation and distribution process – united transports, completion for full occupancy, optimal planning


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Tender believes in circular economy aiming to prevent waste by maximizing utilization of raw material

The trade in Tender allows, among other things, activity and transparency for all users, with the aim of promoting saving and optimization in the logistic array

This way planning and transportation can be promoted with minimum waste of produce and environmental damage.

Tender promotes collaborations to create optimal packaging solutions, such as recyclable and re-usable packaging materials.

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